We are living as nomad in Mexico !!


Would you like to get started one-on-one lesson with me, a full stack engineer with over 10 years of experience?
I'm waiting for a wide range of consultations from beginners to develop applications by themselves.


Currently, due to the large number of applications, I'm only available for chatting.

Web Desgin


$ 10 /once

Set a goal for what you should do as an IT engineer from now on.
1, 2 hours

  • Share my story of what it took to become a freelancer
  • Hear what kind of things you are interested in
  • Set a goal



  • Can I consult with you even if I don't know anything about IT?

    Please feel free to contact me! I hope I can tell you what you want.

  • Can I work remotely at home?

    I have been working remotely for over 10 years so I'll probably tell you how I can get jobs. Of course, the demand for IT technology changes rapidly, I'm also learning everyday. Moreover, learn the IT technology that you are good at or interested in, and let's work together so that you can win projects through remote work.


  • I started a blog as a side business, but I can not get profit.

    Once you contact me, I'll hear you in detail and tell you my opinion. Getting big revenue from your blog is a "success". However, The probability of success in any field is low. I think one of the methods is to operate a blog that makes use of blogs in more ways than just "blog = revenue".


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